Today is Halloween and it cannot be Halloween without sharing scary coffee facts with you !

  1. Going in a hurry out of home and forgot to take the coffee with you
  2. When you want to make yourself a coffee and figure out you don’t have coffee beans anymore
  3. You want to make an espresso and you end up with grind coffee to make drip coffee
  4. When you are outside and you forgot the hot water
  5. When the person next to you is putting so much sugar in its espresso that it is not an espresso anymore
  6. Staying more than 24 hours without caffeine
  7. Having to choose among all the specialty coffee at the coffee shop
  8. Realizing that you have more coffee than water in your body
  9. Meet someone before he/she had a morning coffee
  10. When someone ask you to take a sip of YOUR coffee