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How can I get a good crema?

The filter you will choose and the grind will have an impact on the crema, please make sure to read “What is the difference between the pressurized and non-pressurized filter?” and “Which grind is the more suitable?”

When you tamper the grind, make sure there are not any bubbles. If you use the tamper from our coffee maker, you would have to put more strength on it (up to 15kg) since it is made out of plastic. You could also purchase an iron tamper on our website so you would need less strength.

Which grind is the more suitable?

It is not recommended to use Extra Find grind (+0.4mm). When you buy the grind, you could directly ask for espresso grind. It is better to use the pressurized filter when using coarse beans.

I am curious about the Tritan durability.

If you are using our product following well the instructions, you do not have to worry about the product durability. Our product structure is quite simple and you can easily disassemble it or change a part. You could find all the spare parts on our website.

How to replace the O-ring?

  • Raise up the levers
  • There are bolts on both side of the levers, unscrew them with a coin
  • Detach the levers from the top
  • Slide the 2 clamps outward to release the cylinder
  • Grab the piston from the top and pull it gently so it detaches from the cylinder
  • You could release the O-ring from the piston with a screwdriver or using your fingers

I cannot get pressure because the O-ring is slippery.

Disassemble the product and clean the cylinder and the O-ring. If it is still happening after cleaning it, you should replace the O-ring.

The Lever is tilted

A constant pressure applied to one side of the Leverpresso could cause the lever to be tilted. Disassemble entirely the product and assemble it, horizontally, piece by piece.

There is lot of water inside the piston.

You need more water than the actual extract to apply a sufficient pressure on it. As water may remain after the extraction, remove all the remaining water, lower the levers and detach the porta filter before cleaning it.

How do I remove the Shower Screen?

As there is remaining water in the Leverpresso, lower the levers and the shower screen should come out.

How can I order accessories and spare parts?

You could order it directly from our e-shop (

About the durability of the O-Ring – When should I change it?

The O-ring is a part that has to be change regularly following how often you use our product. (The O-ring cannot be changed for free)

What is the warranty period of the product?

The warranty period is 6 month after the purchase of the Leverpresso. There is free repair if there is a defect on the product during normal use. If you notice a defect on the product after the warranty period, please send a message at

If I order today, when will the good be delivered?

The delivery time will differ following where you live. If you order from East Asia and Australia it will take from 1 week to 10 days, however if you order from other places it will take around 2 weeks.

It seems that the product is quite hard to clean…

When you use our product, you only need to take out the basket, the shower screen and the cup. For the cylinder, only hot water is going through it so you do not have to clean it after each use.

I am concerned about the plastic cup durability.

The cup is made out of PP so there is no need to worry about the health. About the durability, there is a vent to prevent the high pressure during extraction.

You do not have to worry about the durability since the whole product is made to endure the pressure used during extraction…

I would like to know more about the durability of each parts.

The piston’s O-ring should be change after 3~6 months following the utilization rate of the product. There is one O-ring enclosed with the Leverpresso. If you follow well the manual, you will not have to worry about each part durability. If you are already using the Leverpresso for quite a while or if you put too much pressure on the product, you could purchase the spare parts on our website.

How should I use the funnel?

The funnel is going on the filter, it will help you putting the coffee in the filter basket without having grind all around the product.

Could I use capsules or pods?

The actual products cannot be used with capsules or pods.

What is the difference between the pressurized and non-pressurized filter?

With the non-pressurized filter, you could adapt the pressure to get different tastes. However, if you want crema you will have to grind fresh beans yourself before use. Note that the beans have to be roasted less than 4 weeks before use, also do not use ground beans, grind coffee before use it.

When using the pressurized filter, you would have to put less strength for the pressurization. It makes it easier to extract the espresso but it will only give a certain flavor and you will not be able to adapt to your taste. In addition, if you extract too fast or if you use the stand the crema could be bubbly.

If you use a lever machine for the first time, it would be more comfortable and easier to use a pressurized filter. On the other hand, if you used the kind of extraction in the past, you could enjoy the extraction with the non-pressurized filter.

There is lime scale in the cylinder, how can I prevent it?

When using the Leverpresso, it is always better to use filtrated water for the taste at first and for the good maintenance of the product. The hard water from the tap could damage and leave some lime scale.

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