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Lever Technology & Design

The lever principle is not only the easiest and most efficient way to create high pressure with a small force, but it can also maintain a stable pressure of 6 to 9 atmospheres that influence the taste of the coffee.

Experience Extraction

Enjoy the satisfaction of watching the extracti0n process through Leverpresso's transparent chamber.

Leverpresso was designed to conserve energy during production and use with materials that can be recycled.

Making Your Own Coffee

You can make your own coffee by adjusting the pressure, the water temperature, the amount of coffee, and the amount of water.

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Pressurized Filter

Double filters to increase the pressure and regulate the rate of water that is extracted.

This is recommended for people who use crushed coffee or first-time manual extractor users.

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Non Pressurized Filter

Regular basket filter that immediately grinds fresh coffee beans.

Depending on the freshness of the beans, the amount of crema may vary.

Where you use

You can make espresso coffee in any places. It's small and portable.

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Product name



South korea


Tritan, PP, Silicon,
Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Cylinder water capacity


Porta filter capacity

15-19 g


Hugh Kim Lab


85mm x 70mm x 175mm
(Horizontal x Vertical x Height)

Operating method / mechanism

Manual / Lever

Shot volume

Double shot